Amanda Nicole Bouvette


I have worked as a guest storytelling teacher at a day camp and in retail at Virginia Tech's university bookstore.

Virginia Tech Services, Inc.

Textbook Clerk

Blacksburg, VA

Unboxed and checked inventory of textbook shipments, stocked textbooks, compiled textbook orders and reservations, used the catalog system to check textbook availability and locate textbooks on the shelves for customers, worked the cash register during rush, and worked with other textbook clerks to complete tasks.

July-September 2016, July-September 2017

JoELoe Productions, LLC

Storytelling Workshop Leader

Blacksburg, VA

Conducted summer camp workshops in collaboration with Joelle Shenk. Created and conducted group activities with children aged 6-15 to impart storytelling knowledge and engage the imagination in a fun environment.

July 2016, July 2017